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Riverside Cemetery

The Vegreville Riverside Cemetery is a peaceful and picturesque final resting place for your loved one. The Riverside Cemetery is open 24/7 to foot traffic via the walk-through gate. The drive-through gate is open daily between 10 AM and 4 PM. 

Please Note: Electronic cemetery records are currently being updated.  If you notice an error or missing information, please contact Infrastructure Coordinator Brianne Giles at 780-632-6479 or  We appreciate your patience during this update and apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause

  1. All cemetery costs are to be paid fully in advance.  
  2. No structures such as fences, railing, walls, hedges, or concrete grave covers are permitted.  
  3. Flowers placed at the time of internment will be left for a minimum of one week. The Town accepts no responsibility for ensuring flowers remain in place or good condition. The caretakers may remove weeds, grass, or floral pieces that are wilted or unsightly.  
  4. The caretaker may remove or prevent the placement of any unsightly flower stands, holders, or other receptacles.  
  5. Lots may not be sold, transferred, or disposed of in any other manner, except by transfer back to the Town of Vegreville at the original purchase price.  
  6. All graves must have a concrete or fibreglass vault installed prior to the lowering of the casket.  

For more information please refer to the Cemetery Bylaw.

A 15% perpetual care fee will be charged on the sale of any Lot or Niche.  

Section A  
without runners 

Section B  
with runners

Resident Lot  



Non-Residential Lot 



Resident - Stillborn and up to 6 years of Age$200$400

Non-Resident - Stillborn and up to 6 years of Age 



Cremations – Open and Close  



Cremations – Spreading of Ashes on Designated Areas 



Open and Close Fee  



Saturday Internment – Additional Charge  



Section C - Columbarium

One (1) Niche, Two (2) Niche Maximum  

Price includes space, one open and close, and cover.  

Niche Cover Inscription will be the sole responsibility of the owner.  

Level 6 (Top)

Level 5 - Family Niche


Level 4 


Level 3 


Level 2 


Level 1 (Bottom) 


Community Niche  


2nd Urn Open and Close  


For questions regarding fees and charges please contact our Cemetery Clerk at 780-632-2606, for questions about maintenance please contact our Public Works Department at 780-632-3439.