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Town Directory


24-Hour Public Works & Utilities780-632-3439
Aquatic & Fitness Centre  780-632-6403
Business Permits & Licenses780-632-6479
Facility Bookings780-632-3100
Municipal Enforcement & Animal Control780-631-2810
Taxes & Assessment  780-632-2606
Water Billing & Utilities780-632-2606 


Family & Community Support Services780-632-3966Email Family & Community Support Services 
Cemetery780-632-2606Email the Cemetery 
Centennial Library780-632-3491Email the Centennial Library
Emergency Services Department (non-emergency)780-632-2254  Email our Emergency Services Department 
Landfill780-632-6976Email the Landfill 
Vegreville Materials Recovery Facility780-632-3197Email the Vegreville Materials Recovery Facility 
RCMP (non-emergency)780-631-2750Email the RCMP 
Municipal Enforcement & Animal Control 780-631-2810Email Municipal Enforcement 
Taxes & Assessment780-632-2606Email Taxes & Assessment
Water Billing & Utilities780-632-2606 Email Water Billing & Utilities 



Aquatic & Fitness Centre780-632-6403Email the Aquatic & Fitness Centre 
Culture & Tourism  587-790-0923
Email Culture and Tourism 
Parks & Facilities780-632-3100Email Parks & Facilities 
Visitor Information Centre & Municipal Campsite (May to September)780-632-6800 Email the VIC  


Infrastructure, Planning, & Development780-632-6479 Email Infrastructure, Planning, & Development 
Economic Development 780-632-3891  Email Economic Development 



Town Manager780-632-2606Email the Town Manager 
Media Inquiries & Communications  780-632-2606Email Communications 
Legislative Services including Mayor & Council780-632-2606Email Legislative Services