Local Sports and Events Hosting Grant

The Local Sports and Events Hosts Grant is intended to financially assist groups, teams, leagues, and organizations that bring visitors, including participants, attendees, or spectators, to Vegreville through tournaments, events, or competitions. 

Successful applicants are eligible for a one-time $1,500 grant from the Town of Vegreville’s Community Engagement and Economic Development department.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Eligible events will be no fewer than two consecutive days in length. This ensures a greater local economic impact through increased patronage of local restaurants and hotels. 
  2. Only events that have yet to occur are eligible to apply. Post-event applications are not permitted.
  3. Successful applicants agree to disperse/display Town of Vegreville promotional material at their tournament/event.
  4. While all events matching/agreeing to the above criteria are welcome to apply, please note that priority will be given to:

a.  Events that draw more than 50 participants, spectators, and/or attendees from outside of Vegreville’s immediate trading area (50-kilometre radius).

b.  New events, tournaments, or competitions as opposed to those that are preexisting/ preestablished. 

c.  Events that are advertised/promoted outside of Vegreville’s immediate trading area (50-kilometer radius). This ensures the potential for increased visitors to Vegreville while elevating Vegreville’s profile and awareness in other municipalities. 

d.  Events that have not/will not be receiving any other additional government funding (Municipal, Provincial, Federal)

e.  Events that are hosted/organized by not-for-profit groups, organizations, and associations. 

f.  Events that plan on using local hotels to house guests, attendees, participants, spectators, etc. 

Additional Information: 

  1. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to successful applicants. Please note that a total of only five grants will be awarded per calendar year. 
  2. It is unlikely that multiple grants will be awarded to the same type of events/tournaments in the same year (I.e. two separate minor hockey/baseball/soccer tournaments), even if those events/tournaments cater to different age groups. It is highly recommended that teams and groups within an overarching organization/association work collaboratively to determine which event/tournament would most benefit from additional funding.