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Municipal Enforcement Services

Our Municipal Enforcement team helps ensure resident safety and our Town’s well-being by enforcing our Municipal Bylaws. Our Municipal Enforcement team oversees:  

  • Animal Control and Licencing 
  • Unsightly Properties 
  • Noise Complaints 
  • Traffic Control 
  • Smoke-Free Town Facilities 

File A Complaint

You can file a complaint or report a bylaw infraction: 

  • By Filling Out an Online Bylaw Complaint Form - CLICK HERE
    • Complaints made online will not be monitored outside our regular business hours. If your complaint is time sensitive then please refer to the options below. 
  • By calling 587-790-1294 (24 hour line); or 
  • In-person at the Vegreville RCMP Detachment. 

  • * In urgent cases complaints can be made to the RCMP complaint line at 780-632-2155. Always call 911 for emergencies. 

Find out more about the Town of Vegreville's Municipal Enforcement below 

Dog Licencing  
Dog licences are due annually on February 28. Notice is provided by mail. They can be paid online or by visiting our Administration Office. Your dog licence must be attached to your dog's collar while off your personal property, otherwise, you risk a fine. Please ensure you promptly notify us if your dog is no longer with you as we need to update your file to ensure you aren’t charged for licencing fees. The cost of a dog licence (tag) is $45 (altered- must provide veterinary certificate) and $80 (unaltered). 

Dog Licence Registration Form (To register your dog please fill out and return to the Administration Office at Town Hall to get your dog tag)

Animal Fees & Charges Schedule

Animal Control  
Animal Control activities vary greatly, from barking dogs to strays and/or neglected animals. To inquire or begin the complaint process, please refer to the information above. The Town partners with the Prairie Tails Animal Rescue to ensure animals that come into our care receive the necessary care and attention. If you have questions regarding animals in our care, please contact Municipal Enforcement by calling the 24 hour line at 587-790-1294 . 

When you file a complaint with Municipal Enforcement, you will be required to follow the information: 

  • Your full name, address, and phone number.
  • A statement describing your complaint, which must include:
    • A detailed description of the situation.
    • The names of other parties involved.
    • Dates, times, and locations as they pertain to the complaint; and  
    • The action you’d like to see taken.

Once a Municipal Enforcement Officer receives the information above, they will begin to address your complaint.  

Once Enforcement Services receives a complaint, a Municipal Enforcement Officer will be dispatched to make contact with the person in question. On occasion, when a Municipal Enforcement Officer is not on duty, an RCMP Officer may deal with the complaint. 

We respond to complaints on a priority basis. Response time will depend on the availability of personnel at the time of the call, and the priority of the complaint compared with other calls received by the Peace Officer.  

If the complaint is not urgent, we may ask for assistance. For example, if you find a stray dog and a Municipal Enforcement Officer isn’t available, we may ask you to:  

  • Keep the dog until an officer is available to assist; or  
  • Take the dog to the animal shelter.  

The Municipal Enforcement Officer assigned to the complaint will take action based on the complainant's wishes in concert with the evidence available. Insufficient evidence would result in no prosecution. In such instances, a warning may be issued. 

  • When filing a complaint, the more information you provide, the better. For example, if you’re filing a complaint regarding a barking dog, keeping a log of days and times the dog is barking will help our Municipal Enforcement team address your complaint.  
  • The personal information you provide in your complaint is kept private.  
  • Outcomes of complaints are unique to the situation and influenced greatly by available evidence. 
  • During an investigation, you might be asked to provide a written statement of what you observed. You might also be asked if you’re willing to testify in court. If a Municipal Enforcement Officer has not personally witnessed the infraction, testimony becomes essential to charges being laid.  
  • Files remain open until resolved.  
  • After an investigation, Municipal Enforcement Officer  will contact you to let you know what action was taken and the outcome.